How the Quality Management System (QMS) Works at Cass Precision Machining

At Cass Precision Machining we’ve been humbled and honored to receive our share of recognition and awards over the years. The recognition is always nice, and it makes us proud of our company and our team—but it’s the knowledge that our customers are happy and satisfied with the work we do that gives us the most gratification.

At Cass we take our responsibility to our customers very seriously as evidenced by our robust, proven Quality Management System (QMS) (download PDF). Everything we make passes several inspections, or it won’t go out the door. We also conduct cross-functional quality reviews every month at Cass to assess our QMS performance and results.

Cass QMS Highlights

  • Our Quality team develops a control plan that defines exactly how quality will be verified throughout the production process for every order we build.
  • Our processes require set-up compliance and verification before we run the first part, and we define specific part measurements and process checks throughout the build of each order. We also deploy roving inspection as an additional compliance support tool.
  • We apply Cass baseline quality control standards to every order. Examples of our baseline standards include: all machined surfaces to be 125 maximum finish, flatness to be .005” or less, perpendicularity to be .005” or less, all parts to be clean with no chips and coated with preservative as needed.
  • Our QMS requires that we customize our quality control plans to meet your business needs. We do this by seamlessly integrating your additional quality requirements with our baseline standards.

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Steve Brown Retires After 51 Years with Cass!

We recently celebrated Steve Brown’s 51-year tenure at Cass Precision Machining! Cass President Jim Garvin is seen here shaking hands with Steve (the guy with the big smile on the right) following a special presentation that Jim delivered at our year-end meeting on December 18th 2017.

Steve started at Cass Precision Machining as an inspector in 1966 while attending college at the University of Minnesota. He graduated from the U of M while working full time at Cass, and then served in the US Air Force Reserves. Steve moved from inspection to the machine shop, helping to serve our customers in a number of machinist roles. In the 80’s, Cass recognized his leadership skills by challenging him with a foreman’s position. Steve obviously left a positive mark with the shop team as witnessed by the hearty farewells he received at this retirement celebration. In 1995, Steve joined the Cass sales team as a Sales Engineer, and served in this capacity for the past 22 years. It’s pretty amazing to note that many of us think of 22 years as a career, while in Steve’s case, it was “just a step along the way”.

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Change 2018 Machining Supplier

Part 1: Should You Change Your Machining Supplier in 2018?

Another holiday season is upon us, which, of course, brings us near the end of another calendar year. While 2017 can only be described as “tumultuous” from a news headlines perspective, we hope the past year has been productive and successful for your business.

It was a big year for us here at Cass Precision Machining as we rebranded with a new name, logo and website that gives our customers a better view of the many ways that we can serve them.

The end of one calendar year and the beginning of a new one is always a good time for any business to reflect on their operations – to take an honest look at what’s working for you and identify areas where you could be doing better. One area to assess could be an evaluation of your machining suppliers. Switching your machining supplier can be a difficult decision to make, but choosing who supplies your incoming streams of raw materials, components or sub-assemblies can have a huge impact on your business.

In the first part of this series, we will discuss two key areas to assess in your relationship with your machining suppliers. If you find that your suppliers aren’t meeting your expectations in these areas, a switch to a new supplier could become a part of your 2018 continuous improvement plan.

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Cass Precision Machining Dream It. Do It. Minnesota Tour of Manufacturing Day

Cass Participates in Dream It. Do It. Minnesota Tour of Manufacturing Day

Dream It. Do It. Minnesota Tour of Manufacturing DayThursday, October 5th was a fun day for us at Cass Precision Machining. Our participation in Minnesota’s Dream it. Do it. Minnesota Tour of Manufacturing Day resulted in Cass hosting about 100 10th through 12th grade students and 10 faculty members from local schools. After welcoming students to the Cass campus, Cass President, Jim Garvin gave opening remarks about career opportunities in precision parts manufacturing. From there, we split into smaller groups for a four-stop tour of selected areas within our five-building campus. Upon completion, we rallied the students around an exhibit that featured a few of our customers’ more exciting vehicular products, along with displays of the parts that we manufacture for each vehicle.

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Cass Screw Machine Products Rebrands as Cass Precision Machining

Hello and welcome to Cass Precision Machining’s new website! After completing an extensive research study that gave us outstanding feedback on our name, brand, and all the ways that we can best support your machining needs, we are proud to announce that we have rebranded the company as Cass Precision Machining.

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CASS blog post faq's

Cass Precision Machining – Rebranding of Cass FAQ’s

As we cut over to our new name, we hope the completed FAQ’s below will address most of your concerns and questions regarding doing business with Cass. In the event you do not see the answer(s) you are looking for below, please feel free to address your question(s) to us via posting a message in the “Contact Us” page of our new website (, or you can directly contact our Business Development Manager, Dave Schuh at 763-535-0501 x223 or email Dave at

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