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Screw Machining

Screw machines have evolved from their origins in Switzerland to excel at machining round, square, or hex bar stock in high volumes at world-class output rates. They are commonly used in the manufacturing of a vast variety of turned components.

Screw machining has become a lost art over time, but Cass remains an expert in this technology. It is the perfect solution to manufacture parts that fit the correct volume profile for the lowest cost possible.

Cass Screw Machining Services

At Cass Precision Machining, we utilize over 60 automatic screw machines to produce an average of over 10 million parts per year. Our screw machining shop can process a wide variety of materials. This includes cold-rolled carbon steels, alloys, aluminum, brass, bronze, some series of stainless steels, tubing, and selected plastics. Screw machines can fully produce a wide range of custom build-to-print parts. This includes bolts, spacers, pins, bushing, nuts, fasteners, and many more with features ranging from simple to complex. Every day, our screw machining teams produce and ship thousands of parts.

New Britain and Acme Screw Machines

We have over 40 New Britain and Acme automatic, multi-spindle screw machines, all equipped with bar feeders. The multi-spindle feature on these screw machines supports high-volume parts production and provides high part-per-hour output rates. The result is high-quality screw machine parts at globally competitive price points.

Typical production releases start at 1,000 pieces with orders ranging as high as hundreds of thousands of screw machine parts. These multi-spindle screw machines can handle bar stock material ranging from .187 inch (4.765 mm) up to 3.5 inch (88.9 mm) diameters. From a part geometry perspective, the overall length of parts starts at .030 inches (.762mm) and runs up to 4.0 inches (101.6 mm). Although material selection will impact the tolerances that we can hold on this screw machining equipment, standard tolerances for these machines are +/- .005 inches (.127 mm). Depending on the material selected, +/- .002 inches (.050 mm) can be achieved.

Brown & Sharpe Screw Machines

Cass also operates over 15 single-spindle Brown & Sharpe automatic screw machines. These machines feed single bars at a time. While they can run similar parts to our multi-spindle equipment, they are geared for lower-volume orders and faster changeovers. Most of the screw machines in this area are equipped with Servo-Cam technology. This facilitates the automation of certain aspects of set-up and changeover work.

This equipment can handle the full range of materials noted above and is our preferred processing area for tubing. Bar diameters range from .125 inches (3.175 mm) up to 2 inches (50.8 mm). When end work on one or both ends is exclusively required, Cass can provide part lengths as high as six feet. Standard tolerances on these machines are +/- .005 inches (.127 mm), however, depending on the material selected, +/- .002 inches (.050 mm) can be achieved.

Cass produces
an average of
Over 10 million
screw machine parts
per year

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