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Swiss Machining

CNC Swiss machining is a fast, cost-effective way to produce large quantities of small, long, and thin parts with tight tolerances. It provides short cycle times and flexibility for high-production applications.

A Swiss turning machine, also called a Swiss lathe, is capable of producing small parts at high volumes. Once seen as a specialty machine tool, it is increasingly being used in machine shops with more conventional CNC machines. This is because they provide fast cycle times and flexibility for high-production applications.

Cass Swiss Machining Services

Cass has made recent investments to expand our range of multi-axis, multi-spindle CNC machining capabilities. They can complete small, complex parts and complex components efficiently in one operation. Our Swiss machines offer faster and more efficient throughput while operating with a high level of precision and accuracy. Our autoloaders can handle bars up to 12’ in length and diameters ranging from .125” to 1.5” round.

Our Swiss machining cells house Hanwha and Tsugami systems that are equipped with sub-spindles, live tools, and 12’ capacity automatic bar feeders. These machines excel in making complex small parts with many features possible, including milling, drilling, and threading.

Typical parts we run on our Swiss machines include:

  • needle valves
  • pins
  • shafts
  • spacers
  • standoffs
  • terminals
  • complex fasteners
  • bushings
  • collars
  • fittings
  • inserts
  • machined components
  • machined washers
  • nuts
  • spindles
    and more

Common Swiss machine applications include hydraulic controls, fluid transmission, drivetrain components, medical devices, fine screws/fasteners, etc.

Our Swiss
machines offer
Faster and more
efficient throughput

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