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What We Do as an Award-Winning
Precision Machining Company

We take pride in being
a precision
machining company
that's Consistent.

Cass Precision Machining is an award-winning precision machining company that began operations in 1945 as a single-machine shop in downtown Minneapolis. Since then, we’ve grown our campus into six buildings comprising over 125,000 square feet of production space to excel as your full-service machining partner.

We’re experts in rapid prototyping, Swiss machining, CNC machining, screw machining, and precision grinding. Over the decades, we’ve worked with many types of materials including alloy, carbon and stainless steels, aluminums, brasses, bronzes, tubing, and a wide variety of machinable plastics.

We provide our customers with complete parts by adding coordinated outside services such as anodizing, plating, heat treating, shot peening, and more to always ensure we meet the quality specifications of the finished part.

We design and manufacture our tooling in-house, which shortens delivery lead times and aids in quick validation of Design for Manufacturing (DFM) efforts, particularly on prototype orders. Our expanded warehouse and shipping/receiving areas support customized Just-in-Time (JIT) programs on high-volume production runs, which at times, run in the millions. We take pride in being a precision machining company that’s Consistent. Reliable. Trusted.

Services We Offer as a Precision Machining Company

Cass-Rapid Proto Machining

Cass-Rapid Proto Machining (C-RPM) is a specialized rapid prototyping service for prototype, build-to-print contract machined parts.

Swiss Machining

Swiss machining by Cass is a fast, cost-effective way to produce large quantities of small, long, and thin parts with tight tolerances.

CNC Machining

CNC machining by Cass offers precise manufacturing and repeatability while being cost-efficient and highly scalable.

Screw Machining

As screw machining experts, Cass utilizes over 60 automatic screw machines to produce an average of over 10 million parts per year.

Precision Grinding

Cass’s comprehensive precision grinding services include cylindrical grinding, centerless grinding, and centerless infeed grinding.

Outside Services

Over many decades, Cass has developed long-term partnerships with trusted providers of outside services to supply customers with complete, finished parts.

Why Work With Cass for Precision Machined Parts

Cass Precision Machining is your trusted partner for on-time, as-promised deliveries of high-quality precision machined parts, from fast prototyping to high-volume production. We take pride in providing our customers with reliable, worry-free service and machined parts that are unrivaled in quality.

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