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Our Story

Our Story

As a Minnesota Business

Our company had humble beginnings in the 1940s as a single-machine shop started by our Founder Lester Cass. Since then, we’ve grown our campus into multiple buildings comprising over 125,000 square feet of production space to excel as your full-service machining partner. This is our story!


Lester Cass starts Cass Screw Machine Products in Minneapolis, MN.

Cass relocates to Brooklyn Center, MN into what is now affectionately called building 1.



Cass expands its main campus into buildings 2, 3, and 4 as more capabilities are added.

Cass expands again, adding building 5 and a significant investment in CNC capability.



Heartland Equity Partners acquires Cass with a long-term focus on investment and retention.


Cass expands building 5 by adding much-needed warehouse space to better serve its customers.

Cass Screw Machine Products changes its name to Cass Precision Machining to better reflect its capabilities.



Cass acquires the assets of TCR and integrates TCR’s machining capabilities.

Micro-Fab is acquired to add defense, medical, and aerospace capabilities.


History of Cass Precision Machining

Lester E. Cass started Cass Precision Machining in 1945 in downtown Minneapolis with a belief that customer service should always be a top priority. We started as a small, single-machine shop and have grown into a six-building campus in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota.

Since the very beginning, we’ve delivered high-quality machined parts on time and at a fair price. Our emphasis on customer service has allowed us to grow into a global machining supplier, with customers across the USA and parts shipped worldwide.

To serve such a wide variety of clients, we’ve invested in the latest technology to stay nimble in how we provide services to our ever-changing customer needs. We believe it’s our ability to “go the extra mile” for our customers that has led us to span so many miles across the globe to provide our services.

Cass Precision Machining has continued to grow over the years, adding more machines and more operators to meet the demands of our customers. We are now a manufacturing company that offers rapid prototyping, Swiss machining, CNC machining, screw machining, and precision grinding. We also coordinate outside services including anodizing, heat treating, plating, shot peening, and more.

Why Work with Us

We are Consistent. Reliable. Trusted. You should be able to apply those three words to your machining partner, and they’re at the heart of why you should work with Cass.

Our People

Since 1945, one thing that hasn’t changed at Cass Precision Machining is our belief in hiring the right people. We’ve put together a dedicated and passionate staff, from our president and office personnel to everyone on our manufacturing floor. We invest heavily in our staff and treat them like family. The result is low turnover, longevity, and high productivity.

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