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Lathes, Mills, Multi-Spindle, and Grinders.

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Quality and service are the first order of business at Cass Precision Machining. We continue to invest in automation to enhance efficiency and reduce your costs. Our goal is to continually exceed your expectations and deliver you the high-quality products we manufacture while meeting all of your requirements and being on time, every time. Cass Precision Machining guarantees your custom parts will be made to your specifications. We are continually monitoring the quality of our processes and ensure that the features and tolerances of your product have been thoroughly inspected before they are packaged and shipped.

Service and quality are what separate Cass Precision Machining from our competition. Using our tightly controlled logistics and inventory management system, you can be sure that your precision parts are handled with the utmost care and will arrive at your dock when you need them.

Every part made at Cass Precision Machining goes through a step-by-step process to ensure that you are getting the best possible product. From the proper raw material through tooling up, blanking on the automatics, the rough grind and bore, cross drilling, to heat treatment and other specialized operations, through the finished grind and bore to packaging, inventory retention and recycling of material, we make all of our parts with quality in mind to live up to our tagline: Consistent. Reliable. Trusted.