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Cass is More Than Quality Machined Parts

When Cass Precision Machining rebranded itself just over three years ago, we added a pretty simple tagline that speaks volumes: Consistent. Reliable. Trusted. Those are three personality traits that we all look for in the most important people in our lives—our parents, teachers, coaches, significant others, and our closest friends. What it comes down to is quality. The more quality people you have in your life, the better off you’re going to be.

It’s the same in business. The more quality people you work with and work for, the more successful you’ll be. At Cass, we take our tagline to heart every single day. We want those three words to be among the first ones anyone who does business with us thinks of when they think about our business relationship.

What goes unsaid in our tagline is quality. But without quality, none of those three words would be applicable, now would they? Quality is supposed to be a given in a machine shop. Unfortunately, there are too many occasions in business when one of those three traits are breached. Production lines and business flows are damaged when any of those adjectives falter.

Our mission every day at Cass is to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Investment Leads to the Best Products

Cass has customers that have been with us for over 50 years. Those long-term relationships last because we’re continually willing to invest in efficiency improvements, new technology, and our employees. Not necessarily in that order. Yes, we’ve outfitted our machine shop with the best CNC Machining, Precision Grinding, and Screw Machining Products, but without a significant investment in our employees, we wouldn’t be able to live up to your quality standards. With those investments, we’re able to offer our customers the best solutions at quality pricing.

            “At Arctic Cat, we refer to Cass as our ‘rock-star’ supplier. We’ve worked with them for over 20 years, and they’re always really fast and helpful with great quality. I love their shop, it’s immaculate, and they have the benefit of actual machinists on staff, emphasizing the quality of product they deliver. If we are ever in a pinch, our first call is to Cass, and they came through for us like they always do.”—Sean Sorteberg, Lead Commodity Manager, Arctic Cat

At Cass, we’re proud of everything in that testimonial from Arctic Cat; how could we not be? Obviously, it’s great that they mentioned quality and speed, but we might be most proud of the line about our machine shop being immaculate. That’s workers taking pride in what they do and having respect for their coworkers and their company. That leads to having a quality business.

We have worked with Cass now for several years, and not one problem. The quote response time, price, quality, manufacturing, flexibility, and lead times are far superior to other suppliers we have worked with in the past. They do what they say they’re going to do and nothing less. Suppliers like Cass are few and far between, and at the end of the day, they make our jobs at UniPunch easier.“—Mark Smith, Operations Manager, UniPunch

At Cass, we’ve developed a baseline quality assurance system that guarantees we will ship high-quality parts on every order. Everything we make passes several in-process checks and a final inspection or won’t go out the door. When your requirements dictate, we can customize our baseline system to your specifications, tailoring our quality assurance system to fit your business needs. We have 75 years of experience with quality assurance tools—SBP, PPAP Cpk, 1st Articles, and more—to help you get exactly the results you require in your precision machines parts.

Cass strategically invests in automated quality control and inspection equipment and strictly maintain and calibrate to NIST traceable standards all of our inspection equipment.

Our promise to our customers is high-quality machined parts delivered on time, from prototyping to high-volume. At Cass we understand that it’s our team that makes the difference that drives best-in-class results for our customers.

Quality people lead to producing quality products. Consistent. Reliable. Trusted.