How Our Quality Management System (QMS) Works - Cass Precision Machining How Our Quality Management System (QMS) Works - Cass Precision Machining

How the Quality Management System (QMS) Works at Cass Precision Machining

At Cass Precision Machining we’ve been humbled and honored to receive our share of recognition and awards over the years. The recognition is always nice, and it makes us proud of our company and our team—but it’s the knowledge that our customers are happy and satisfied with the work we do that gives us the most gratification.

At Cass we take our responsibility to our customers very seriously as evidenced by our robust, proven Quality Management System (QMS) (download PDF). Everything we make passes several inspections, or it won’t go out the door. We also conduct cross-functional quality reviews every month at Cass to assess our QMS performance and results.

Cass QMS Highlights

  • Our Quality team develops a control plan that defines exactly how quality will be verified throughout the production process for every order we build.
  • Our processes require set-up compliance and verification before we run the first part, and we define specific part measurements and process checks throughout the build of each order. We also deploy roving inspection as an additional compliance support tool.
  • We apply Cass baseline quality control standards to every order. Examples of our baseline standards include: all machined surfaces to be 125 maximum finish, flatness to be .005” or less, perpendicularity to be .005” or less, all parts to be clean with no chips and coated with preservative as needed.
  • Our QMS requires that we customize our quality control plans to meet your business needs. We do this by seamlessly integrating your additional quality requirements with our baseline standards.

Quality Control & Inspection Equipment

We strictly maintain and calibrate all our inspection devices to NIST traceable standards and will build or buy standard or special gauging equipment to meet your needs. At Cass, we continually and strategically invest in automated quality control and inspection equipment to assure throughput is maximized while control plan requirements are fully achieved.

Quality Assurance

Our Quality Management System is one of the many reasons Cass would be a very valuable addition to your supply chain partnerships. So, come visit us and meet our team! We think you’ll like what you see.