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The Benefits of Consolidating a Supply Base in Manufacturing

In the dynamic world of manufacturing, efficiency and reliability are the cornerstones of success. One strategy that has gained increasing recognition in recent years is the consolidation of a supply base. By reducing the number of suppliers and fostering strong partnerships with a select few, manufacturers can unlock a multitude of benefits. At Cass Precision … Read more

Cass Precision Machining’s Value-Added Services Elevate Customer Partnerships

In manufacturing, where innovation is paramount, and quality is non-negotiable, Cass Precision Machining is proud of its ability to provide a true partnership with our customers. As a partner you can depend on, Cass provides a collaborative force that amplifies success through our value-added services, nurturing a relationship that transcends conventional supplier-client dynamics.  Partnering for … Read more

Manufacturing Adjusting to Post COVID Reality

While no one in manufacturing would say that workflows have “returned to normal” in the post-COVID world, many agree that a “new normal” has taken hold heading toward the end of 2022. At Cass Precision Machining we’ve settled into our new normal as far as our workflow and our customers go. Several changes have emerged … Read more

Manufacturing Looks Brighter in 2022, But Challenges Persist

Manufacturing Looks Brighter in 2022 But Challenges Persist. Volatile market conditions have created significant challenges for the manufacturing industry since the pandemic began. Manufacturers have been forced to reexamine nearly every step of their process and look for ways to improve efficiency with their data, resources, and workforce. The last two years brought some unique … Read more

Cass announces James Larson as new President

Cass Precision Machining is Proud to Announce James Larson as Its New President! Cass is proud to announce that it has named James Larson as its new President. James is an experienced business leader who has been optimizing the customer experience, driving operational excellence, and developing new products for more than 30 years. Larson’s work history … Read more

Assessing Supply Chain Shortages in 2022

China’s Battle with Decarbonization Poses Business Risks In Assessing Supply Chain Shortages in 2022, Climate Change is a major factor in the equation.  In August UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres called the report released by the UN’s Panel on Climate Change, “A code red for humanity.”  The report says that humans are unequivocally warming the planet … Read more

Understanding Industrial Manufacturing | Cass Precision Machining

The industrial manufacturing industry is responsible for the fabrication of products intended for industrial use from raw materials. When asking the question, “what is industrial manufacturing?” one has to look at the output itself (the products produced) which ranges from large machinery like bulldozers and cranes to smaller products such as wheelchairs and circuit boards. … Read more

Cass Delivering Prototype Machined Parts

In 2020 Cass Precision Machining launched C-RPM (Cass Rapid Proto Machining), a new service that supports Cass customers with build-to-print rapid prototyping parts. The response from customers has been exceptional and Cass has now produced over 30 prototype parts. The goal of C-RPM is to supply customers with machining expertise and design for manufacturing engineering consulting … Read more