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The Merits of Onshore Manufacturing: A Win-Win Strategy for Cass Precision Machining

In recent years, the manufacturing landscape has witnessed a remarkable shift, with an increasing number of companies recognizing the benefits of onshore manufacturing. This strategic decision to bring production back to the United States has proven advantageous for both businesses and the local economy. Cass Precision Machining, a renowned leader in U.S.-based precision machining solutions, … Read more

Cass Doubles Down on Manufacturing Infrastructure

As we move forward through 2023 Cass is embarking on an exciting time in our history.   From our asset acquisition of TCR in 2020 and the purchase of the Micro-Fab division in 2021, Cass is positioned in 2023 to make even bigger investments in our people, our facilities, and our equipment for the benefit of our customers. … Read more

Importance of Supplier Managed Inventory

As the business world continues to recalibrate itself in a myriad of ways due to the global pandemic, one factor that became obviously clear in the manufacturing sector is the importance of supplier managed inventory. Supply chain issues arose like never before and forced organizations to assess and improve the resilience of their supply chains … Read more

The Advantages of Using Screw Machines

At Cass Precision Machining we give quite a few tours of our plant to both customers and prospective customers. These tours are something Cass enjoys doing and it’s always fun to see the “WOW” factor when visitors see just how impressive and effective screw machines can be. Cass believes that offering tours of our six … Read more

Manufacturing Adjusting to Post COVID Reality

While no one in manufacturing would say that workflows have “returned to normal” in the post-COVID world, many agree that a “new normal” has taken hold heading toward the end of 2022. At Cass Precision Machining we’ve settled into our new normal as far as our workflow and our customers go. Several changes have emerged … Read more

Avoid Downtime on Your Production Line with Quality Parts

The hallmark of any machine shop is the quality of the parts they produce. While quality is supposed to be a given, the pandemic led to plant shutdowns and slowdowns, including difficulties for manufacturing shops to attract new employees even with competitive pay and benefits. COVID-19 brought on other challenges, including workforce vaccination, travel restrictions, … Read more

Manufacturing Looks Brighter in 2022, But Challenges Persist

Manufacturing Looks Brighter in 2022 But Challenges Persist. Volatile market conditions have created significant challenges for the manufacturing industry since the pandemic began. Manufacturers have been forced to reexamine nearly every step of their process and look for ways to improve efficiency with their data, resources, and workforce. The last two years brought some unique … Read more

Supply Crunch Continues to Push Prices Suppliers are Charging Businesses

As we wrote last year, the global supply chain crunch will continue to impact pricing, lead times and deliverables well into 2022 and beyond. Prices paid to U.S. producers posted a record annual increase of almost 10% in November, a surge that will sustain a pipeline of inflationary pressures well into 2022. The producer price … Read more

Cass Can Produce Parts for Exercise Equipment

The Cass Precision Machining website contains a page entitled “Industries Served.”  On the page, we talk about our continued investment in new technology that leads to the best products at the greatest value.  Our history dates all the way back to 1945, and over the years, we’ve worked hard to build a reputation as a … Read more