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Cass Doubles Down on Manufacturing Infrastructure

As we move forward through 2023 Cass is embarking on an exciting time in our history.   From our asset acquisition of TCR in 2020 and the purchase of the Micro-Fab division in 2021,
Cass is positioned in 2023 to make even bigger investments in our people, our facilities, and our equipment for the benefit of our customers.

Beginning in the summer of 2022, we started implementing new training programs for every leader and emerging leader within Cass.  These training programs were designed for Cass and facilitated by our partners at MRA.  We have also dramatically increased our involvement with Manufacturers Alliance, ASQ, and MPMA where we aim to serve others while we improve our manufacturing skills.  All of these initiatives will continue through 2023 as we build on this base.

In late 2022, the team at Cass developed plans and presented capital investment proposals to the Cass Board of Directors that improve and expand our business for our customers.  We understand that our customers’ needs evolve and change over time and we want to make sure Cass is evolving and changing with them.

The Cass Leadership Team presented over $3,000,000 in spending proposals on items such as:

  • Upgrades to current machining equipment
  • Automation additions
  • Expansion of automated inspection equipment
  • Replacement of dated machining equipment
  • Capacity additions

In addition, the Leadership Team set aside some proposed investment monies for facility improvements that provide an updated, better work environment for our teammates, including updates to restrooms, lunchrooms, etc.

We are pleased to announce that the first phase of projects has been approved and Cass has already started the process of making facility updates, installing new machining equipment, and building new automation.  Cass is continuing its commitment to investing its money back into the business to better support our customers and improve the overall working environment for our team.

At Cass Precision Machining we consider every member of our staff family and we treat our customers like extended family. Our Leadership Team was thrilled to be able to invest money back into our facilities to make for an improved workplace which leads to better products for our customers.

We look forward to continuing to elevate the machining services we offer our customers by improving capacity and capability while reducing lead time.