Cass Can Produce Parts for Exercise Equipment Cass Can Produce Parts for Exercise Equipment

Cass Can Produce Parts for Exercise Equipment

The Cass Precision Machining website contains a page entitled “Industries Served.”  On the page, we talk about our continued investment in new technology that leads to the best products at the greatest value.  Our history dates all the way back to 1945, and over the years, we’ve worked hard to build a reputation as a parts manufacturer with experience, dedication, and passion for getting our customers the highest quality parts at the best price.  Those attributes combined with our proven speed and accuracy in delivery, as well as why we’ve developed a client base that spans various industries, including agriculture, construction, recreational equipment, and exercise equipment, among many others.

With a list of over 20 industries served, Cass is very proud of our ability to perform and work with such a wide variety of industries and sectors that give us such a great roster of clients served over the years.

—Sean Sorteberg, Lead Commodity Manager, Arctic Cat

“At Arctic Cat, we refer to Cass as our ‘rock-star’ supplier. We’ve worked with them for over 20 years, and they’re always really fast and helpful with great quality. I love their shop, it’s immaculate, and they have the benefit of actual machinists on staff, emphasizing the quality of product they deliver. If we are ever in a pinch, our first call is to Cass, and they came through for us like they always do. Our rolling 12-month PPM is eight—just outstanding. Cass is always on the ball and ahead of the curve.”


It’s in that vein that Cass is looking to expand our work in producing parts for exercise equipment.

At Cass, we made a concerted effort in 2020 to increase our ability to produce prototype parts. The result is our Cass-Rapid Proto Machining business unit that significantly ramps up our ability to serve customers. With prototypes as well as build-to-print contract machined parts services with accelerated delivery responsiveness. This unit sets us up well to be an ideal partner to produce parts for exercise equipment.

Cass works with fitness equipment manufacturers to produce precision-designed, durable metal assemblies, weldments, and metal stampings. Additionally, Cass produces other exercise equipment parts and components needed to make parts for exercise equipment.

As a manufacturer of parts for exercise equipment, Cass is able to manufacture bearings, bushings, and most all needed assemblies on exercise equipment.  From strength and weightlifting machines, as well as cardio equipment and more.

Cass Precision Machining serves our customers from a five-building campus—including over 125,000 square feet of production space. We’re experts in Swiss Machining, CNC Machining, Screw Machining, and Finish Grinding.  In addition we’ve worked with many materials over the years, including steel, aluminum, brass, bronze, tubing, and a wide variety of machinable plastics.  Our production floor contains advanced metal stamping, fabrication, weldment, and metal assembly to help manufacturing partners improve their quality and reduce lead times.

Reach out to Cass Precision Machining if you are looking for a reliable partner in producing parts for exercise equipment.