Cass – Update Regarding COVID-19

Dear Valued Customer,

COVID-19 is on the rise again worldwide, and we want to ensure our customers that Cass continues to take proactive measures to ensure all its team members are safe and our production lines continue without interruption.  We are committed to providing a safe work environment and uninterrupted service to our customers.

Here are some of the steps Cass continues to take to be proactive:

  • Daily monitoring of all team members’ temperatures and recording contact tracing
  • Wipe down of all work areas at the start and end of every shift
  • Wearing of proper masks everywhere at Cass, along with social distancing
  • Limiting visitors and communicating pre-visit requirements
  • Quarantine of any at-risk team members and proper containment and control procedures
  • Working directly with the Minnesota Department of Health and seeking their assistance when needed

To date, Cass has had no manufacturing outbreaks or interruptions, and only a few cases that required home quarantine until medical professionals approved a return to work.  We continue to follow the MN Dept of Health testing and quarantine guidelines and feel confident we have taken all precautionary measures for our team members and our business.

Thank you very much for your continued business and for trusting in Cass to provide on-time and high-quality components.  If there is anything we can do to help or support your efforts, please do not hesitate to contact me directly or your Sales Engineer.

Kind regards,

Jim Garvin, President
[email protected]
507-430-7939 (m)